At Mums Going Strong Fitness, we are passionate about helping mums achieve a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle.

Exercising after having kids can improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the benefits of postnatal exercise include:


Helps improve your mood, relieve stress and can prevent postpartum depression


Promotes recovery and helps strengthen pelvic floor and abdominal muscles


Improves energy


Promotes weight loss and improves your sense of wellbeing


Increases muscle tone, strength and endurance


Boosts your confidence

It’s important to remember that exercising after childbirth is not only about fat loss or trying to get your pre-baby body back; it’s also about restoring your physiological functions.

We focus on strength from the inside out by working with women’s health physio’s to understand what is happening on the inside in order to keep your pelvic floor safe and strong.

Mums Going Strong Fitness is for mums who not only want to look good but want to feel and function better. We check for abdominal separation and incorporate a combination of cardio, resistance/strength training, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises to give you a complete postnatal workout. We cater to all fitness levels by making exercises easier or harder if you like a challenge.

At Mums Going Strong Fitness, we are passionate about helping mums achieve a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle.  We want to inspire mums to reach their full potential while continuing to enjoy their personal and family lives.

We believe it is about finding a balance between all you do and all you wish to achieve. It is a personal journey to find a balance between everything you currently do and what you wish to achieve in order to ensure a sound mind, body and soul. We strive to assist you to be your best by guiding you through the process to help you achieve your goals from the inside out.

Training with us is about educating, socialising and making friends while supporting and empowering each other.  And let’s not forget about having fun while you are getting fit!

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Monday | Willoughby 
Mums & bubs (with nannies)
9.30am – 10.30am

Wednesday | Willoughby 
Mums & bubs (with nannies)
9.30am – 10.30am*

Saturday | Willoughby  (no nannies)
Early Risers
7.15am – 8.15am

Our Outdoor Group Training sessions are for mums who would like to get fit in a safe and effective way. These sessions combine a variety of cardio, resistance/strength exercises, flexibility, core stability and some pelvic floor exercises.  They are designed to get you fit and strong and help you flatter that mummy tummy, get shapely legs, tighter butts and awesome arms! Each session is different to keep your body guessing. We ensure that our workouts are enjoyable, motivating, challenging and effective to get you fit, strong and healthy bodies. These sessions will give you the confidence to bring your sexy back! We cater for all fitness levels, and exercises can be modified for individual needs, from basic to advanced!

We offer:
✔Pelvic floor and abdominal safe exercise
✔Experienced trainers that are also mums – your program is designed by a mum, for mums and run by mums
✔Individualised attention & exercise prescription within our supportive group environment
✔Close partnerships with Women’s Health Physio’s
✔Onsite childcare with friendly, experienced and checked nannies so you can focus on yourself
✔Kids fitness with the Marky Mark running alongside our sessions on selected days

Magdalena is a passionate and dedicated personal trainer. After her own personal journey through prolapse post-birth she took it upon herself to learn more about the pelvic floor from other pelvic floor fitness gurus and uses her knowledge to help other mums train safely and effectively.

As a women’s health physiotherapist it can be difficult to find personal trainers who are well-trained in pelvic floor safe exercising and it is so great to have the pleasure to work with Magdalena

Heba Shaheed

Women’s health physiotherapist

About Me

Mums Going Strong Fitness was founded by Magdalena Hawley following her personal experience with pelvic floor dysfunction after giving birth.

“Hi, my name is Magdalena. I’m a mum of two beautiful children and the founder and head trainer of Mums Going Strong Fitness.   My mission is to educate women about the importance of becoming strong from the inside out after childbirth.

Postnatal exercise is essential to restore the normal physiology and function of your body after childbirth. However too many mums do too much too soon; I was one of them! When my son was 19 months old, I was diagnosed with prolapse and informed that all the exercises I had been doing (i.e., heavy lifting, running and jumping) could make it even worse. I learned that 1 in 3 women who have had children will suffer from some form of incontinence, and most of them think it’s normal. It is common but not normal, and in most cases, it can be fixed. Furthermore, I discovered that 50% of women who have had children will have some kind of prolapse at some point in their lives. I also realised that no one talks about it!

So after this experience, I decided to learn as much as I could about postnatal fitness in order to help other mums avoid all these common mistakes when they are returning to exercise after having kids. It’s not just about fat loss; you need to get strong from the inside out. You can have the best body ever, even after having children, but you need to do it the right way. And that is how Mums Going Strong Fitness was born.

I consider myself lucky because I used this experience as a motivation to help others; however, there are many mums who feel like their body let them down after finding out that they have prolapse. They feel alone, lost and depressed!

This is why I am passionate about educating mums about their bodies, the changes that take place during pregnancy and labour along with nutrition and why what you eat matters and how it can impact your energy levels and recovery post-birth. With that knowledge, mums can make the right decisions to get the body they always wanted and the confidence to bring their sexy back!

My mission is to help mums feel happy and confident while achieving their health and fitness goals in a safe, social and inviting environment.”

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